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Smoke pellets

The range of RPS smoke pellets are used for variable smoke volume, burn time and smoke colour are ideal for a wide range of safety tests. Encapsulated pellets are easy to light, with an easy-grip finger base and produce a greater volume of smoke than regular pellets and cartridges.

Benefits of Smoke Pellets

  • Variable smoke volume: encapsulated pellets produce the greatest smoke volume, for large industrial smoke testing.

  • Variable burn time: suits a range of tasks.

  • Range of smoke colours: choose from white or red or orange smoke for high visibility, particularly on a grey day when white smoke is hard to see.

  • Easy to light: with matches or a flame lighter.

  • Easy to grip: encapsulated pellets feature an ergonomic finger base

Choose from a range of smoke pellet cartridges or pellets to carry out stove flue testing, testing of chimney, flue leakages, gas leaks and vents. 

10 x pot bundle deal

5 x pot bundle deal