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RPS Honing/Cutting Chains 8"/200mm

RPS Honing/Cutting Chains 8"/200mm


These rotary honing chains are designed in mind for honing terracotta liners to remove cement snots or cutting through a pumice liner which is at times restrictive in tring to get a flexible liner through the chimney or removing very hard tar deposits. These cutting chains are mounted onto a 12mm solid steel threaded shaft with a SnapLok female adaptor pinned onto the steel shaft.


The teeth on this device are extremely hard as they are manufactured from tungsten carbide.


*Only suitable for 18mm or 20mm solid nylon rods or 6mm/8mm Steel rods

RPS Honing/Cutting Chains 8"/200mm

Impuesto excluido
  • These cutting chains are not suitable for use in steel liners or for using in chimneys in day to day cleaning, as extreme damage can occur to the chimney if misused. 

    RPS thoroughly recommend inspecting the area to be cut/honed/bored with a CCTV inspection camera before using these chains.

  • RPS customers have had great success with these chains, they have been used to remove blockages, opened up chimney widths and the removal of old restrictive chimney lining.

    There is always the very odd case where the solid lining material can be a mixture that is so hard, that either the chains take a long time to cut through or the material is just too hard and can destroy the chains. 

    RPS cannot guarantee a success or no damage to the chains when they are being used in such a way, also we will accept no responsibility if lining material can not be removed or offer a refund if the chains are damaged.

    The cost for these chains and the time to remove any material should be built into your quote/cost.


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