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Cable Ferret Camera for Chimney Sweeps


  • Use for quick 'Look and See' Inspections

  • Adjustable focus for sharper photos & video

  • View the inside of a chimney flue liners in real time(Limited in brick flues)

  • Adjustable bright white LED's allow you see in complete darkness

  • Robust, lightweight, compact, portable and easy to use

  • Check in register plates, behind stoves and in chimney gathers for any issues

  • IP67 rated with the back cap on, so suitable for damp and dusty environments

  • Extend the Ferret camera's reach up to 15m by attaching to a rod or pole

  • Digital zoom provides faster close up visual inspections to view obstructions or inconsistancies

  • CE and FCC Approved

  • Designed and Engineered in New Zealand

  • 1-year Manufacturers Warranty

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