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SnapLok Dual Buttons

Why SnapLok...

Design - The SnapLok 'Dual Button' connection is the fastest on the market due to the fact that less rotation is needed to engage the buttons once joined together impossible to disengage while rotary cleaning because both buttons cannot be pressed at the same time.

Innovation - SnapLok is constantly innovating and evolving with new products, it offers the widest range of over 200 cleaning heads on the market with several of our own innovations that are only available from SnapLok.

Quality - SnapLok only uses high quality materials that ensures longevity, there is no comparison to materials like stainless steel which competitors try to compare with inferior products and materials.

Comparison - 'Buy cheap, buy twice'. When comparing SnapLok equipment with competitors products, do not just compare the cost, but compare the materials used and the technical design, as this is a true reflection of comparison,



My Story


My name is Mark Hart, a former British Army veteran and professional chimney sweep of 10 years. I'd been using rotary sweeping equipment of a well known UK rod company for over 2 years, but there were many design issues which were inconvenient due to the rods locking up and expensive due to the frequent breakages, so when I tried to resolve these issues with them I was treated very unprofessionally and it soon transpired this was a common theme with other chimney sweeps using the same equipment. The reason for this poor customer service was mainly down to the company having no competitors, so they charged what they like and treated chimney sweeps very poorly. Roll on 12 months and at a trade exhibition I discovered SnapLok rotary equipment, the innovation and quality was hugely noticeable in comparison, so I bought a SnapLok liner kit and the difference was noticeably night and day compared with the other rotary rod manufacturer.


SnapLok in the UK at that time was very poorly marketed and very few sweeps knew about it, so I took the decision in 2015 whist still sweeping to take on and compete against this other rotary equipment manufacturer. I soon learnt early on after talking to many sweeps that the whole chimney sweep equipment industry was very poor in responding to sweeps needs in a timely manner and customer service was severely lacking, So early in 2015 I formed Rotary Power Sweeping Ltd and became a SnapLok distributor.

I initially expected to sell a few rods to fellow chimney sweeps that I knew but the response by sweeps with SnapLok rotary equipment was phenomenal, with many sweeps converting over to SnapLok and within 4 months I took the brave decision to stop sweeping and sell SnapLok equipment full time. I sold my chimney sweep van and bought a shed in the garden to work from, but within 4 months and sales booming I had no choice but to move into a small warehouse. By now I had also established distributors in Sweden, Norway, Spain and Romania. Rotary Power Sweeping had established itself as a company known for excellent customer service and SnapLok as a quality, innovative product.


In 2016 Rotary Power Sweeping moved into large warehouse which included two classrooms for training purposes, we also became the SnapLok Master Distributor for Europe and soon had over 20 European distributors and so to this present day SnapLok is the most widely used rotary equipment by chimney sweeps throughout the UK, Europe, USA & Asia, it is seen as the benchmark for customer service, quality products, innovation and is perceived as unrivaled amongst its competitors.

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