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Ferret Sweeps Wireless Camera Phone

Ferret Sweeps Wireless Camera


The multi award-winning Ferret is the world’s first true multipurpose miniature 720p wireless inspection camera.

The Ferret Sweeps is an ideal cost-effective tool for providing faster, easier and safer close up visual inspections. The Ferret Sweeps is suitable for steel flue liner systems, checking for cracks, gaps and missing mortar joints in the chimney gather, or inspecting behind an awkward stove or even up in the register plate, also for detecting possible flaws or defects in flexi liners.


***Please note that this camera has a limited capability in brick/stone flues and the signal can cut out.***


A multi global award winner for its design, innovation and versatility, turns your phone or tablet/iPad into a Smart Tool. Suitable for IOS or Android platforms.


Connect the camera to the Free Ferret app and view what’s inside the chimney flue steel liner in real time!


  • IP67 rated with the back cap on so suitable for damp and dusty environments
  • App Controlled variable Focus lens. Focus down to just 1.5” to see fine detail. Focus out to infinity for extra clarity.
  • Charge Ferret Sweeps from flat to fully charged in about an hour, via USB lead.
  • The Ferret Repeater will boost your Ferret’s reach to reduce signal drop-outs in flues. Easy to use and powered by any USB power source such as a USB power bank (not included).


Ferret Sweeps Wireless Camera Kit

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