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Chimney Mole Brushes have been designed and developed by Rotary Power Sweeping Ltd, it is a rotary brush that looks like a manual brush, but has been purposely designed to be rotary spun in an open flue where there is old parged & loose mortar within flues, including inglenooks.

Rather than remove the mortar, the soft perlon brush only removes the loose soot, so is far gentler than a  rotary whip head and even certain grades of manual brush.

The Hard Mole Brush with nylon bristles was developed for removing harder soot deposits, particularly solid fuel soot build up. All Mole brushes are pinned onto a SnapLok Adaptor, so they can be slowly spun in either direction without fear of loosing the brush.

The 14” & 17” Mole Brushes have an outer and an inner core, the 24” bristles are one length and primarily designed for old inglenooks.

VAT Excluded
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