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RPS SootDevil RPV-25TX Chimney Sweep Vacuum 



  • 2 x 1200w Motors
  • 230v
  • 17kg
  • 25 Litre Tank Capacity
  • 175CFM
  • H14 HEPA Filter 
  • 72cm x 44cm x 44cm
  • 2 x Independent Motor Switches
  • Robust 12mm Polypropylene Body
  • Side Folding Handles
  • 4 x Lockable Stainless Steel Drum Clamps 
  • Grey Industrial Rubber Cable Flex
  • Uses HEPA 3BH/4BH Closed Bags or 5BH Open Bag





When contemplating a vacuum purchase there is too much emphasis on the number of motors and the wattage a vacuum produces. More importantly is airflow, this should be the first consideration as this determines the strength of the vacuum and the air it can pull through the machine which is measured in CFM(Cubic Feet per Minute) with a pre-filter, HEPA filter and a vacuum hose connected. The SootDevil range of vacuums use robust Ametek motors that produce 108 CFM of airflow with one motor and 175CFM with both motors turned on, so compared to a Dustcontrol DC1800 which produces 77CFM, this proves that the SootDevil airflow has great power delivery in comparison.



The SootDevil vacuum filtration use 3 stages of filtration, the first is the Hepa-Flo woven collection bag(NVM-2BH, 3BH or NVM-4BH) or the Hepa-Flo open bag(Numatic NVM-5BH bags), then the pre-filter Dry Filter and  finally the H14 rated HEPA filter which is rated at 99.995% efficient, which compared to many popular brands that only use a H13 HEPA filter and are 99.95% efficient. This doesn’t sound a big difference, but it does when it’s keeping the fine dust out of the motors.


RPS SootDevil RPV-25TX HEPA Vacuum

Hose Size
Model Type
  • ​​​​​​​38mm x 3m Hiloflex Hose

    10 x Closed Hepa Flo Bags

    1 x Open Hepa Flo Bag