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SnapLok Max Power Kit

SnapLok Max Power Kit




This kit has primarily been designed for the professional chimney sweep who wants the complete rotary power sweep system. With this kit you can sweep all liners and all open flues with rotary brushes and rotary whip heads, plus a selection of heads, for removing tar and birds nests.


There is a total of 45 meters of rods in this kit and made up of the ideal number for mixing and matching in different height and width flues. This system is highly efficient and it takes less than 30 seconds to connect all the double button lock rods together.


The 8mm, 10mm & 12mm rods are 90cm in length, the reason being is that the thinner rod you use at a long length then is looses its rigidity and can cause 'liner slap', stress the rod and eventually snap. So we found after much testing, a slightly stiffer but still very flexible rod is a better rod at 90cm and can get round 90 degree bends with ease  Many other rod manufacturers suffer with many rod breakages due to the brittleness of copolymer and the length of the thin rods, so they tend to snap at the fitting(ferrule), this does not occur with SnapLok rods.


The 15mm, 18mm & 22mm rods are quadruple crimped to the fittings/ferrules on  either end of the rod, plus the steel is heat treated for extra strength/durability and double plated for extra corrosion resistance. The fittings(ferrules) for the 8mm, 10mm, 12mm & 20mm rods are stainless steel. ALL the buttons in every rod size are made from solid stainless steel.


The liner power heads supplied are a 5"/125mm Rapid Light Loader and a 9"/230mm SnapLok Bullet Whip Head. Also for cleaning liners are 5" & 6" Mini Mole Brushes for rotary or manually cleaning steel liners from 4" - 8" in width. The other brushes are the 4" & 5" Propeller Brushes and the 6" Mini Mole which are great for pellet,  biomass and Aga/Rayburn range cooker flues.


For open chimney flues, an 18"/450mm Snaplok Power Whip head and the superb 24"/600mm SnapLok DeathStar Whip head with the additional Scrub Shaft. The whip line length can be adjusted very easily by removing the screw in the base of the head to allow the whip line be replaced for a different size. There is also spare whip line included within the kit. There is also the 14" & 17" RPS Large Mole Rotary Brushes for a more delicate sweep in old parged flues with loose mortar.


Also included is a Chain Whip for tar removal, a SnapLok Cable Whip head and Nest Buster for any potential birds nests, a power grip handle which is a great tool for holding when do hard deposit removal like tar or a stubborn birds next. There are two reels of varying width spare whip line, plus a rod guide which is ideal for protecting your rods against sharp edges or screws. Finally there are also 3 brush adaptors that can be used for a Whitworth, Universal or M10 metric thread.


There is no white lead rod, as this is a weakness in the kit, as using the same rod as a lead rod every time makes that one lead rod very weak after a period of time, in our experience using other systems this can lead to a  breakage of the lead rod, so rotating all the rods in the kit is the preferred method of power sweeping.




When purchasing this kit, it entitles you to a free SnapLok/Rotary Power Sweeping equipment course, more details here.......

SnapLok Max Power Kit

Hors TVA
  • 6 x 8mm - 90cm Solid Nylon Rods - Stainless Steel Ferrules - SNR08

    4 x 10mm - 90cm Solid Nylon Rods - Stainless Steel Ferrules - SNR10

    5 x 12mm - 90cm Solid Nylon Standard Rods - Stainless Steel Ferrules - SNR12-SS-UK

    6 x 12mm - 90cm Solid Nylon Stiff Rods - Stainless Steel Ferrules - SNR12-SS-STIFF
    4 x 15mm - 1m Solid Nylon Rods - Steel Ferrules - SNR15
    10 x 18mm - 1m Solid Nylon Rods - Steel Ferrules - SNR18

    4 x 20mm - 1m Solid Nylon Rods - Stainless Steel Ferrules - SNR20SS

    4 x 22mm - 1m Polypropylene Rods - Steel Ferrules - PPR22

    4 x 22mm - 1m Aluminium Rods - Steel Ferrules - AR22

    1 x 4"/100mm Prop Brush Head 8mm/10mm Rod - PB04

    1 x 5"/125mm Prop Brush Head 8mm/10mm Rod - PB05

    1 x 6" SnapLok Mini Mole Brush 8mm/10mm Rod - RPB06 Steel

    1 x 5"/125mm Rapid Light Loader 8mm/10mm - Aluminium

    1 x 9"/230mm Bullet Whip Head - BW09

    1 x 5" RPS Mini Mole Brush

    1 x 6" RPS Mini Mole Brush

    1 x 18"/450mm Power Whip Head - PW18
    1 x 24"/600mm Death Star with Scrub Shaft - DSW24

    1 x 14" RPS Rotary Mole Brush - Soft

    1 x 17" RPS Rotary Mole Brush - Soft

    1 x SnapLok Adjustable Chain Tar Whip 12" - 18" - CHW12

    1 x SnapLok 3ft Rod bag - RCAD03

    2 x SnapLok 4ft Zipped Rod Bag - RCADZ04

    1 x SnapLok Steel Cable Nest Whip 450mm - CW450

    1 x SnapLok Nest/Brush Retrieval Tool - RTN05

    1 x SnapLok Large Drill Adaptor - DA800

    1 x SnapLok 8mm/10mm Drill Adaptor - DA600

    1 x SnapLok 8mm/10mm to Large Female Adaptor - ADPT305
    1 x 1/2" Whitworth Female - SnapLok Female Brush Adaptor - ADPT805

    1 x SnapLok Female to Universal Male Brush Adaptor - ADPT705

    1 x SnapLok 25m x 4mm Whip Line Reel

    1 x SnapLok 25m x 2.7mm Whip Line Reel

    1 x SnapLok Hex Key (For changing whip line)

    1 x RPS Rod Guide

    1 x RPS Telescopic Inspection Mirror

    1 x RPS Glass Scraper

    2 x RPS/SnapLok Van Stickers


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